Sonic Air Duct’s Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Team specialize in cleaning larger and more complicated commercial buildings. Often, these systems service multiple smaller businesses that produce varying wear and tear on the ductwork and HVAC components. For example, a building that has a hair salon, a pet store and a bank will have a multitude of needs. The hair salon will have chemicals, skin cells and hair being pulled through the vents, where the pet store will have pet dander, dirt and dust and the bank will have employees and customers that would rather not be exposed to the odors and debris from neighboring businesses. These larger systems, while more capable of processing and circulating air than a residential system, still require cleaning and periodic maintenance. Odors, bacteria, mold, and debris build up in the ductwork and vents which put business owners and customers at risk as well as reduce the efficiency of the HVAC mechanics.

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Our Trained Technicians Offer a Full Cleaning Process

At Sonic Air Duct, we have trained our technicians on the Commercial Air Duct Cleaning team in the specific needs of larger commercial buildings. A supervisor will initially come to the building to inspect the system and determine which services would best suit your needs. An estimate of cost will be determined and a date set for our Commercial Air Duct Cleaning team to return to complete the work. In some instances, they can begin work the same day. The team will perform deep cleaning with the use of long rotating brushes to scrub the interior of the vents. This loosens any material adhered to the walls of the ducts. Concurrently a heavy-duty negative air pressure machine vacuums any debris. Air washing will be completed with high intensity compressed air and full sanitization with environmentally safe products.

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Services Provided by Our Commercial Air Duct Team

  • Individualized Duct and HVAC treatment plan
  • Highly Trained and Specialized Technicians
  • Emergency and Same Day Service
  • Licensed, Bonded and Insured
  • Periodic Maintenance Contracts for Ongoing Upkeep of Systems