Many of us are focused on the air we breathe, now more than ever. The duct work in our homes trap allergens, pollutants, pollen, bacteria and mold. These particles are then blown throughout the home causing potential health issues and damage to property. It is recommended by the National Air Cleaners Association (NADCA) that air duct systems should be cleaned every 3-5 years. We recommend a residential air duct cleaning more often if you are noticing any of the following:

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  • Unexplained headaches or breathing difficulties
  • Increased allergies
  • Nasal congestion upon waking
  • Excess dust in the air (your house smells like dust when you turn on the system)
  • Excess pet hair (your house smells like pet hair when you turn on the system)
  • Your house takes a long time to heat or cool
  • Unexplained increase in utility bills

Our Process & Options for Cleaning Your Air Ducts

We offer different levels of residential air duct cleaning and sanitizing.

Our Basic Cleaning Package includes use of a powerful negative air machine to remove dirt and debris from throughout the ducting system. All vent covers are covered during use of the machine to ensure maximum power. Our technicians will individually clean each register and return up to 6 feet.

Our Deep Cleaning Package offers a full, deep cleaning of your entire air duct system. This involves using the most recent technology and equipment. We use deep brushing up to 25 feet into the ducts to agitate any material adhered to the walls of the vents. Then a negative air machine and powerful compressor pulls the debris out of your home. All registers and returns are cleaned. We then check for the presence of mold or fungus. Our highly trained technicians will remove all equipment and clean up after themselves.

Add-on options include deodorizing and sanitizing the duct work with use of environmentally safe products and installation of UV lights.

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Benefits of Having an Air Duct Cleaning for Your Home

  • Decreases allergens and irritants
  • Removes odors
  • Creates a cleaner home environment
  • Improves air flow
  • Improves efficiency and system performance.